The “Tashiro-no-Nanatsugama” are seven waterfall basins located here and there along the course of the Kama River, a mountain torrent which flows down from the Naeba Mountains. Due to the beauty of their natural form, the seven basins have been designated by the national government as a Place of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument. In addition, the right bank of the Kama River consists of cross-sectional strata, while the left bank consists of sheer vertical layers, making for an extremely rare geological landscape that is also of academic interest, and, as a result, the basins have been designated a part of the Naeba-Sanroku Geopark.

Although all of the waterfalls collapsed in 1995 as the result of a landslide disaster, in 1997 the first sand-trap dam in Japan to be made from artificial stone was completed, and the waterfalls were restored to close to their pre-collapse condition.

The park at the entrance to Nanatsugama has a campsite, and there you can also view an artwork from the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. The Nanatsugama Valley is also a renowned place for viewing autumn foliage.

Period abailable

Mid-May – early November (subject to change depending on snowfall)

Facilities available

Tent site: space for approx. 5 tents

Other facilities: common cooking space, toilets

Note: It is forbidden to build fires directly on the ground.


Tent site: Free


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Tashiro, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture, 949-843, JAPAN