Objectives of the NPO’s activities

For the purpose of forming a vibrant local community, GGG Incorporated Nonprofit Organization makes use of the abundant natural scenery and tourist facilities of this seminatural setting, which constitute a resource for the Nakasato area, in order to host events — such as experiences in rural living — where visitors and local residents can interact, so as to turn more people into fans of the area. GGG uses this interaction in order to make people become repeat visitors to the area, and encourages these people to move into and settle in the area. In addition, GGG contributes to the revitalization of the local economy by developing products that make use of the characteristics of the area, and selling these products to visitors. And in order to pass on to the next generation the area’s abundant resources, which are a prerequisite for these activities, GGG also devotes itself to activities to conserve the natural environment and local culture, as well as public-awareness activities such as environmental education, thereby promoting the advancement and revitalization of the area. By expanding activities such as these in Tokamachi City and the surrounding area, GGG intends to contribute to the development of the local community.