Fundamental policy

This website does its utmost to collect, use, and manage personal information in an appropriate manner on the basis of Tokamachi City’s “Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information.”

Personal information

“Personal information” refers to information (e.g., names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses) that is recorded in documents, drawings, photographs, and/or electromagnetic records and that permits the identification of specific individuals.

Collecting of personal information

It is not necessary to disclose any personal information in order to view this website. If any personal information is to be collected, the purpose of the collection will be indicated and the collection will be carried out solely for that purpose.

Use of personal information

Except in the event of a disclosure request based on laws, ordinances, etc., or the event of illegal acts such as unauthorized access, personal information collected at this website will only be used for the purposes indicated prior to said collection.

Management of personal information

This website takes the measures necessary in order to keep the personal information collected from being leaked, damaged, lost, etc. In addition, personal information that is no longer needed is eliminated reliably and promptly.