We provide various local experiences that are unique and
special to this region

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Shichirin Pottery

Using this “Shichirin” grill, you can bake a unique handmade “Shichirin” pottery within a day and take it back home as a special souvenir.


Campfire at Seidayama Campsite

When the night falls, Seidayama Campsite turns dark and silent within. This is the best time to spend quality time with your friends surrounding fire at Seidayama camp site!

Local Cooking Class – “Anbo”making –

Let’s experience cooking “Anbo” from rice powder! Local grandmothers will instruct you how to prepare this special rural treat.

Tea Ceremony

Let’s experience traditional Japanese culture. We can also arrange Tea Ceremony in open space (“Nodate”) too!

Tokamachi Ko-uta (Local Folk Song)

Try Echigo-Tsumari folk dance along with live music played by local musicians.

Explore Bokushi-Street in Kimono/Yukata

Explore 牧之通り “Bokushi-Street” in Local Kimono/Yukata, which is made of “Echigo-Johu” (Hemp Fabric) and “Shiozawa-Tsumugi” (Pongee) that have been locally produced for hundreds of years in this region.

Snow Shoeing

Let’s explore mountains covered by pure white snow!

Kanjiki (Traditional Snow Shoe)

let’s play in fresh snow while wearing traditional snow shoe “Kanjiki”

Snowmobile Experience

Glide through the pure snow white and feel the wind! Beginners are also welcome!

Snow Plough Ride-along

You’ll get surprised to see overwhelming power of snow-plough-truck!

Kamakura (Snow Hut) Candle Night

Enjoy sweets and Sake inside a candle lit Kamakura snow hut. The snowfield will be lighten up with winter candle and fire works. *Fireworks and Sake tasting program are optional

Snow Tubing

Grab an opportunity to try one of the longest snow glide on snow-covered-rice terraces that are only available in this region

Enjoy Snow Rafting!

In this activity you can glide on snow-covered rice fields with a rafting boat that is driven by snowmobile. Have fun!

Snow Country Experience Package

We arrange some snow country activities for you and put them together into a package tour based on your preference. Good for those who want to try everything

Down Hill Cycling

Ride a Bike Down Hill!! We will take you to ride a bike down hill from Seidayama Campsite to Nanatsugama National Park while you enjoy the wild nature of the region


You can join us in wood-chopping activity in rural village in Japan. Participants can make a bonfire out of the woods after the pleasant work!

Nature Exploration/Nature Observation

The activity is designed for nature lovers. Local guide will take you to walk in the local forest and mountains. You’ll meet various wild creatures inhabit in this region

Hot Sandwich Breakfast


We rent equipment to make a hot sandwich breakfast at Seidayama Campsite. You can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of mountains while you take the breakfast!

Nukagama Rice Experience

This program offers you a unique experience of cooking Koshihikari rice in a traditional Japanese rice cooker “Nukagama” in the open air

Local Cuisine

You can’t miss the local foods!Local people will cook local cuisines for you in this activity

Taste a Local Fish “Yamame”

We provide an experience of tasting local fish called “Yamame”. “Yamame” is a kind of trout that can survive only in cold and clean river that can be found in this region