Let’s Eat a Hot Sandwich Breakfast at Seidayama!!

Overview  We offer self-help equipment to make a hot sandwich breakfast at Seidayama Campsite.

Venue   Seidayama Campsite, Ju-chi Oike Nature Observatory

Price  Hot sandwich maker for rent :400yen/per maker

2 hot sandwich makers +bonfire equipment:1,500円

Season   May-the end of Oct (It might slightly change depending on snow condition)

Reservation       You can come directly to us on the door

What to bring? Materials of the sandwich

What We Prepare Hot sandwich, Bonfire table


  • Stuff support 1,500yen/hour
  • Fire-woods(3kg) 400yen
  • Interpreter(English) 2,000yen/hour

※We may not be able to reserve the program depending on its availability 

※We cannot be responsible for any injury or loss which is caused by participants’ action. Please get necessary insurance on your decision 

※We received financial support from Niigata Chu-etsu Earthquake Revival Fund to develop this rural experience menu



NPO GGG(Three G)Administration Office

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