Nature Exploration/Nature Observation 

Let’s Explore Forest and Mountain Colored with Green, Red and Yellow!!

Overview: The activity is designed for nature lovers. Local guide will take you to walk in the local forest and mountains. You’ll meet various wild creatures inhabit in this region.

Venue   Seidayama Campsite, Jyu-chi Oh-ike Nature Observation Area, Nanatsugama Campsite and the surroundings.

Required Time  About 2 hours 

Starting Time 8am-15pm

Price   2,500yen/pax        Below primary-school level 1,500円/pax

Participant   Minimum 2    * Two guides will accompany if participants are more than 8 people otherwise one guide

Season  Mid-May – Mid-November  (It might be slightly changed depending on snow condition)

Reservation  Please reserve 3 days before the activities at the latest

What to bring? Clothes and shoes that are easy to move around in

What We Prepare  None


  • Rental Paul for Nordic-walking  500yen/pax
  • Additional guide 3,000yen
  • Interpreter(English) 2,000yen/hour

※We may not be able to reserve the program depending on its availability 

※We cannot be responsible for any injury or loss which is caused by participants’ action. Please get necessary insurance on your decision 

※We received financial support from Niigata Chu-etsu Earthquake Revival Fund to develop this rural experience menu


NPO GGG(Three G)Administration Office

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