Knead, bake and take it back home as a special souvenir

Make “Ochoko” (a tiny cup to drink Sake) or small dishes applying your favorite shape and colors.You can use the freshly baked pottery for drinking sake or putting “Otsumami”(snacks for Sake)in it for your dinner.

Try Making a Unique Handmade “Shichirin” Pottery Here in Tokamachi!

“Shichirin” is a portable traditional Japanese grill. Using this Shichirin, you can bake a unique handmade “Shichirin” pottery within a day and take it back home as a special souvenir.

Required Time     About 2 hours(Shaping・coloring 30 min, drying 1 hour, baking 30min)

Workshop hours   9-3pm (We can also arrange the workshop in other hour depending on the situation)

One piece ……     adult 3,000yen      child 2,000yen
Make additional piece ……    adult 1,500yen     child 1,000yen

*The charge is not refundable even if the pottery gets cracked or broken during the workshop
*We only accept reservation for more than two people
*We need an adult’s company for participation of child below 10 years old
*Please reserve 3 days in advance at the latest
*We also can conduct the workshop outside Seidayama Campsite. Please contact us for more consultation
*Please be informed that we might not be able to conduct the workshop on your requested workshop schedule depending the work situation

Please reserve 3 days in advance at the latest


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