Enjoy Snow Rafting! 

Overview  We offer a special experience of snow rafting in this snow country in rural part of Japan during the winter time. In the activity you can glide on snow-covered rice fields with rafting boat that is driven by snowmobile. Have fun!

Venue  Around Seidayama Campsite

Required Time  About 1 hour

Starting Time 9am-3pm

Price  5,000yen/pax

Participant Minimum 4
*This program is designed only for participants above primary school level

Season   From the end of February to the end of March (Changeable depending on snow condition)

Reservation  One week prior to the activity at the latest

What to bring?  Ski-wear, glove, snowboots, hat, etc

Things We Prepare  Snowmobile, Rafting-board


  • Drone- Video-Shooting 5,000yen
    We provide a 3 min video-clip of your adventure shot by drone
  • Additional Interpreter(English) 2,000yen/per hour


※We might not be able to accept the reservation depending on its availability

※We cannot be a responsibility for any injury or loss that is caused by participants’ action. Please get insurance on your decision.  

※We received financial support from Niigata Chu-etsu Earthquake Revival Fund to develop this program.


NPO GGG(Three G)Administration Office

Please contact us by filling a form in our homepage