Let’s Dance “Tokamachi Ko-uta”(Local Folk Song) Together! 


Participants can experience dancing “Tokamachi Ko-uta” with a live band of local musicians. You can also play “Shakuhachi”(Bamboo flute) and “Shamisen”(Three strings instrument) from local musicians. They will teach you how to play the instruments step by step.

Meeting Point Flexible based on consultation

Meeting Time  Flexible based on consultation

Venue   Hotels and facilities available in Nakasato area (If we arrange the venue, there will be additional charge)

Required Time 45min

Price  18,150yen ~ (6,050yen/per music player, singer, instructor. We need three of them for conducting the workshop at least)

Participant  No Limit

Season  Through out a year

Reservation  Please consult first to check if it is available

Things We Prepare Instruments and other necessary equipment


    • Kimono Rental Please contact us for the price
    • Hire interpreter(English) 2,000yen/per hour


NPO GGG(Three G)Administration Office

Please contact us by filling a form in our homepage