Taste Nukagama Rice in  the Open Air!

Overview  This program offers you a unique experience of cooking Koshihikari rice in Nukagama. By cooking Koshihikari rice in this way, it will maximize its taste.

*What’s Nukagama? :Nukagama is a traditional Japanese portable rice cooker which uses chaff as fuel to cook the rice.
*What’s Koshihikari? Koshihikari rice is a local brand of rice produced in this region. It is one of the best quality rice in Japan and is sweat and sticky rice to taste.

Venue   Seidayama Campsite and other places
(We can take an order in other places. please contact us first )

Required Time  About 2 hours

Starting Time  Your time for meal


  • Medium Size Nukagama for rent(1.8L/ Good for 10 people )  3,500yen
  • Large Size Nukagama for rent (5.4L/ Good for 20 people)   5,000yen
  • Organic Uonuma Koshihikari   1,000yen/kg
  • Instructor    3,000yen

Season Through out a year

Reservation  Please reserve one week before the activities at the latest

What to bring?  Own dishes

What We Prepare Nukagama set


  • Additional guide  3,000yen/per cooking
  • Interpreter (English) 2,000yen/per hour

※We may not be able to reserve the program depending on its availability 

※We cannot be responsible for any injury or loss which is caused by participants’ action. Please get necessary insurance on your decision 

※We received financial support from Niigata Chu-etsu Earthquake Revival Fund to develop this rural experience menu


NPO GGG(Three G)Administration Office

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